Monday, June 10, 2013

Owen Parry - Call Each River Jordan

Just finished the third novel by Owen Parry, Call Each River Jordan.  These are Civil War novels of Historical Suspense that are very good indeed.  The stories are good, but the historical details are excellent and the characters a lot of fun.  All different types from the immigration melting pot are represented in the stories.  The main character is a Welshman who spent his youth in the British Army becoming a very proficient soldier (A sergeant's sergeant, think of a diminutive version of the Irish sergeant from Glory.)  This volume takes Major Abel Jones off to Mississippi and behind enemy lines to investigate a massacre of innocents.  He meets Grant, Sherman, Beauregard, and fights at Shiloh along the way.  The variety of religious beliefs, occupations, and backgrounds that are covered is astounding.  Our Major Jones even starts to become a horseman.  But let that abide.  Highly recommended.

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